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Early Spring Adult Classes

Please call 512-459-6445 to register. (We do not have online registration.)

Registration for Early Spring Adult Classes classes has begun. Classes start the week of Jan 4, 2016

Please call to check space availability of a class. Because of rising operational and supply costs, ClayWays raised its class fee beginning with the Winter 2015 sessions. The 8-week winter sessions will be $288.

Call or come by to register. Payment due at registration. Returning students may pay ½ to reserve space and ½ one week prior to class starting.

  • Your class fee includes instruction and open studio hours.
  • No outside clay allowed. Clay must be purchased at ClayWays. Your clay fee includes glazing and firing of anything you make with the clay you purchase.
  • We have tools for sale, but you do not have to purchase them at Clayways.
  • There is a $25 withdrawal fee and a withdrawal notice must be received no later than 7 days prior to the first day of class.
  • No refunds will be given after the withdrawal deadline.
  • Please do not ask for credit.
  • Classes that do not have the minimum number of students required will be delayed or cancelled one week prior to class starting.

Pot Shot Wheel | Seven Week Wheel | Seven Week Handbuilding

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Go to pot... with friends—Take a Pot Shot Wheel!

Pot Shots, (Our Fear of Commitment class)

Gather some friends and try a Pot shot! This is a reasonably priced one time class, perfect for those interested in trying the potter’s wheel but not wanting to commit to a full 8-week session, just yet. The maximum number of participants will be 6.

Learn the basics of wheel throwing and how to paint the underglaze colors of your choice on the pieces you make.

It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to finish your pieces for you. You will be contacted by phone when your pottery is finished.

Instruction, clay, glazes and firing are included in the fee. Adults only.

Pot Shot Wheel

SAT February 13 5–7:30pm Patty Creamer $50
SUN February 14 5–7:30pm Patty Creamer $50
SAT February 20 5–7:30pm Jennifer Hill $50

Please call to check space availability of a class. Payment is due at time of registration. Beginning with October PotShots classes, the all-inclusive class fee will be $50.

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New Students to ClayWays: please read before signing up for an 8-week Adult only pottery session at ClayWays:

Our classes are for adults only.

We don’t take reservations. You must call and speak to an employee at ClayWays or come in to register in person. Do not leave a message on our phone or send an email to reserve/sign up for a space in a class. We accept calls and walk-in new registrations from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you think you will miss more than one class in an 8 week session please wait and sign up for the another session.

Your name will not be put in our registration book until you pay for the class. You must pay in full if you are a new student to ClayWays or pay half of the class fee if you’re a returning student.

You must attend class. You may not sign up for a class and only come in for studio time.

You must buy ClayWays’ clay. You may purchase up to 3 bags of clay per 8 week session. Everything you make out of a bag of clay during your 8 week session will be glazed and fired. Part of the cost of glazes and firings is included in the price of each 25# bag of clay and part is covered in your class fee.

No outside clay is allowed. If it is determined that you brought in outside clay you will be banned from ClayWays with no class refund.

This is a teaching studio for hobbyists. ClayWays is not a production studio. If you are selling your pottery you need to set up your own studio and not take up space in our classes.

You may recycle your own clay trimmings and wet clay scraps during your 8 week session but not other students’ or instructors’ trimmings and scraps.

If you are not returning for another session you may not continue to make pots after the end of your session to finish your bag of clay. You do however have two weeks into the next session to finish glazing your pieces. You may not come back in to glaze leftover pieces after 2 weeks into the next session.

If you are not returning for another session you may not give your leftover clay to another student. You may take your leftover clay home or donate it to ClayWays to use to make bowls for the Austin Empty Bowl Project.

The last class of every session is for trimming and glazing. You may not make new pots the last week of class.

Current Students: these rules go into effect as of Early Spring Session 2016

Eight-Week Wheel Throwing

If you are new to ClayWays, even if you are an advanced potter, you must attend the class you signed up for. You may not sign up for a class and only come to open studio hours.

Our classes are all levels—beginners through advanced with the exception of Saturday morning which is intermediate/advanced.

Cost of class does not include clay and tools.

MON 6:30–9:30pm Feb 29–Apr 18, 2016 Patty Creamer $288
TUE 6:30–9:30pm Mar 1–Apr 19, 2016 Patty Creamer (FULL) $288
WED 10am-1pm Mar 2–Apr 20, 2016 Jennifer Hill $288
WED 6:30–9:30pm Mar 2–Apr 20, 2016 Ed Triece (FULL) $288
THUR 10am-1pm Mar 3–Apr 21, 2016 Dorie Mickelson (FULL) $288
THUR 6:30–9:30pm Mar 3–Apr 21, 2016 Don Brimberry $288
SUN 10am–1pm Mar 6–Apr 24, 2016 Jennifer Hill (FULL) $288

If not indicated, new beginners and all levels are allowed.

Beginners will learn basic wheel skills: centering, opening, pulling, shaping, trimming and finishing, as well as glazing. As a beginner, you will be making variations on the basic cylinder, such as mugs, vases, and bowls. Your instructor will help you assess your skill level. If you have intermediate/advanced skills, but have never taken a ClayWays class, you must take an all level class before you can take an intermediate/advanced class.

Only cone 10 clay bodies may be used in wheel classes. Clay must be purchased from ClayWays. No other clay purchases are allowed in the studio.”

Cost of class does not include clay and tools.

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Eight-Week Handbuilding

Classes are all levels unless indicated.

MON 10am–1pm Feb 29—Apr 18, 2016 Angela Rogers $288 Cone 6/Mid-range only
MON 6:30–9:30pm Feb 29—Apr 18, 2016 Angela Rogers $288 Cone 6/Mid-range only
TUE 10am–1pm Mar 1–Apr 19, 2016 Jennifer Hill $288 Cone 6/Mid-range only

Learn how to make unique vessel-related forms using traditional techniques, often with a twist. Good for both beginning and experienced students, this class will help you to create dynamic forms starting with a good foundation of skills.

In handbuilding, you will be introduced to several methods of constructing with clay. Instructors will show you projects involving slabs, coils, and extruded shapes . You'll learn how to glaze your pots as well. As an intermediate/advanced (I/A) student, you will move on to more intricate projects—the sky's the limit!

We are no longer able to accommodate large tile projects by advanced students.

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